Naruto, Rick Sanchez and Superman: Geek Pride Day 2021 icons collection

Avengers assemble and return to Konoha! Geek Pride Day is coming!

On May 25, both superheroes and supervillains will unite in a major celebration. That means the time has come to take your Morty for a 20-minute adventure. Put on a Naruto headband, Superman costume, or one Ring to rule them all and join the Fellowship of the Geeks!

We’ve collected our best icons with popular characters and symbols for all the geeks out there. Here are some ideas on where to use them:

  • blog articles
  • social media posts
  • avatars
  • desktop layout
  • newsletter design

Marvel characters in Color style

Popular characters in Cloud style

Star Trek spacecrafts in Color style

Popular characters in Gradient style

Popular characters in iOS style

Free for geek folk on this special occasion. Feeling inspired? Create your superhero blockbuster in Mega Creator.

Enjoy Geek Pride Day, and may the force be with you!


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