Amplify your projects with our media, audio, and video icons and clipart in 18 styles, all free for your digital creations. Tune in now!

In a world where audio and video content shapes much of our daily experiences, our latest Icons8 collection caters to this ever-present theme. This assortment of media-related graphics is perfect for enhancing banners, social media, infographics, presentations, educational content, and more, aligning with the digital era’s demands. It also offers invaluable resources for UX and graphic designers looking for media icons to integrate into mobile apps, websites, and landing pages.

Presented in 18 dynamic design styles, our collection ranges from vibrant, detailed illustrations to streamlined, minimalist icons. Explore a wide selection of icons and clip art images, including play buttons, microphones, sound and mute symbols, pause and refresh buttons, and other visuals synonymous with audio and video engagement.

To delve into the full spectrum of options in your preferred style, simply click the link under each image. All graphics are accessible for free with a link attribution or consider purchasing an Icons8 license for a broader selection of sizes and formats, all without any need for attribution. Elevate your media projects with our diverse and ready-to-use graphics.

media icons color
Bright media clipart in Color style will suit both web design goals and slides or presentations that need catchy graphics
media icons color-hand-drawn
Beautiful and illustrative audio and video clipart in Color Hand Drawn style
media icons cute-color
Decorative media icons in Cute Color style
media icons doodle
Cartoonish and funny clipart images on audio and video interactions in Doodle style
media icons fluent
Bright color icons on video and audio in Fluent style will look super elegant on web and mobile interfaces with dark backgrounds
media icons cloud
Detailed illustrations for audio and video content interactions in Cloud style
media icons circle-bubbles
Decorative and eye-pleasing color icons of media buttons in Circle Bubbles style 
media icons office
Neat media icons in Office style
media icons gradient-line
Neon icons of audio and video interactions in Gradient Line style
media icons blue-ui
Monochrome pack of neat media icons in Blue UI style
media icons hand-drawn
Outline icons for common audio and video buttons in Hand Drawn style
media icons cute-outline
Black and white clipart images for audio and video interactions in Cute Outline style
media icons dotted
Decorative media icons in Dotted style
media icons ice-cream
Contrast media icons in Android Ice Cream style
media icons ios-glyph
Media icons for mobile applications in iOS Glyph style
media icons windows-10
Neat and minimalistic media icons in Windows 10 style
media icons material-filled
Audio and video icons in Material Filled style
media icons simple-small
Minimalistic media icons in Simple Small style that can be used as a consistent and effective icon font

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