Lunacy 6: Free Sketch Alternative for Windows with Design Assets Built-In

Lunacy 6 adds useful improvements and more assets to the leading Sketch alternative for Windows. Best of all it is still FREE!

Join the discussion on Product Hunt, where Lunacy 6 has just been released, or check the upgrades into our free graphic design software here.

Do you need to work with Sketch files on Windows? Then you need to try Lunacy, one of the best Sketch alternatives for Windows. With v6 launching now, Lunacy continues to evolve into the most full-featured free graphic program out there. Join thousands of new users that have started using Lunacy since our version 5 launch last winter. With a myriad of amazing icons, photos, and illustrations baked-in by default, this design tool is a fun change of pace compared to traditionally complicated asset management. It is applicable to all types of creative projects, from marketing visuals and educational graphics to complex UI and UX design flows.

Just in case you haven’t tried it recently, Lunacy is a blazing-fast vector editor packed with smart features to make you a better designer. Even though we have a full team working on it now, it is still a completely free program (who else can say that?). Give it a shot now.


New features in version 6 include:

  • Support for Sketch Cloud and Sketch Plugins (beta)
  • Smart style suggestions and tidying
  • Automatic background removal using AI (rolling out to all users soon)
  • Significant speedups in opening and saving documents
  • Smart distribute
  • It has become easier to switch between the Objects list and the Libraries (Symbols, Styles, Icons, etc.).
  • It’s become easier to work with styles:
    – Group and ungroup items in the libraries
    – Unlink styles from UI kits
    – Select objects with identical styling settings and save their settings as a style
    – Apply context menu commands to several items

With Lunacy, we do not split teammates up. We connect them. Sketch files can be opened, worked on, and saved without any special process. Windows and Mac users can finally work on the same project from different products.

Sure, the process of improvement doesn’t stop and your feedback is our way to make it better for you. Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think.

Also, welcome to see a bunch of simple step-by-step tutorials on making different graphics with Lunacy for those who don’t have much design background: create Instagram posts, Facebook posts and banners, funny memes, and much more.


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