Lunacy steps up to a new level. For this version, we focused on real-time collaboration and Lunacy Cloud. And it’s all still free! But, gosh, we need to stop it and start making some money to feed developers, haha.

So, let me introduce new Lunacy’s features to you:

  • Real-time collaboration (Beta)
  • Lunacy Cloud (Beta)
  • Home Tab instead of Welcome Window

Real-time collaboration (Beta)

Lunacy fans asked for it, and we did it. The most wanted feature is finally here – meet real-time collaboration!

Now you and your team can work on the same documents together at the same time. Just share the link to the document with your team and enjoy true collaboration! To see what your teammate is doing, click his or her avatar in the upper-right corner.

Real-time collaboration feature in new Lunacy version interface: a team work on the same documents together at the same time.

Let me be blunt. We tested it. We did our best. But obviously, we could not have tested all the scenarios and intricacies of multi-user editing. So, let’s call it a feature preview. If you encounter any issues, please report them (Help > Report a Problem). And we’ll do our best to fix it asap.

Lunacy Cloud (Beta)

Now, you can create and work with cloud documents in Lunacy. And access them from any computer. All you need to do so is register your Icons8 account and remember your credentials.

File-sharing options are basic, for starters. Anyone with the link can access your cloud documents. We’ll add more flexible sharing options in the upcoming versions.

For those of you who are a little bit paranoid like me: don’t worry; Lunacy respects privacy. You can delete your documents from our servers at any time. We do not track your activity or analyze your files. Also, you can continue working with local files as before.

You can find the list of your cloud documents in the Recent and Documents sections of the Home Tab.

Anyone with the link can access your cloud documents.

Sketch Cloud deprecation. We stop supporting Sketch Cloud starting from version 7.0. We’ve spent a great year together. But now it’s time for us to move forward.

Home Tab

We replaced the Welcome Window with the Home Tab. You can manage your local and cloud documents here. Click the home icon on the top panel to open the tab and see all of your documents.

What you can do on the Home Tab:

  • Find the required document
  • Sort documents alphabetically, by size or the last edit date
  • Set document statuses (Draft, In Progress, Trash, etc.)

Also, note that we moved the Sign in/Sign up form to the Home Tab and that you can switch between the List and Grid view modes here.

Home Tab in new Lunacy version interface: click the home icon on the top panel to open the tab and see all of your documents.

For more details about v.7, check out our changelog.

We appreciate your feedback, so please share your thoughts about Lunacy at To get the latest updates, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

About the author: Alex S, content and technical writer for Icons8.

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