Lunacy to get import from Figma. One of the most demanded features comes out right in time.

Social media are raging about the deal between Adobe and Figma. Designers are discussing alternatives. Many are worried about the pricing changes and the future of Figma in general.

At the same time, the Lunacy team announces import from Figma they’ve been working on for a while. The beta version will be available in a few weeks.

File conversion is always a trade-off, yet we put all the effort into making the transition as painless as possible. Components will stay components, nested frames will become artboards with layer groups, and all the styling effects will be preserved.

You can download and try Lunacy right now. It’s free and has all the features you’re used to.

Learn more and try yourself

And don’t you worry. There is no chance that Adobe or another company will buy and stamp their price tag on it.

Follow Lunacy on Twitter to find out once the update is out. If you’re more of a Discord person, join our channel.

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