One of the hype-catching changes for iPhone users presented by Apple with iOS 14 this autumn has been the ability to customize widgets and app icons on home screens. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it.

It seems in 2020 with its iOS 14, Apple made a huge leap to give users the freedom of personalization. Now it’s possible to change the looks of the home screen widgets and icons totally to the style of graphics or photos users want. So, users have plunged in search of aesthetic app icons and photos to boast of original screens they’ve created.

 ios 14 custom widget

Examples of home screens customized with Color Hand Drawn and Fluent System Filled app icons

Experiencing the spike of the search for pretty icons in Icons8 library, we’ve released a huge pack of diverse graphics for app icons to make the process of search easier and faster for you. And below you will find the detailed step-by-step guide on how to add a custom app icon.

aesthetic icons

Let’s go through the process of setting custom app icons on your home screen via Shortcuts.

How to Add Custom App Icons to iPhone Home Screen

1. Go to Shortcuts.

ios 14 custom widget

2. Press the Plus button in the top right corner.

ios 14 custom widget

3. On the New Shortcut screen, press the More (Three Dots) Button in the top right corner.

ios 14 custom widget

4. You need to reach actions. Use the search field to do it quickly.

ios 14 custom widget

5. Type in Open App into the search field to reach it quickly. That’s what is going to help you set the custom graphics for app icons.

ios 14 custom widget

6. Start Open App and press Choose.

ios 14 custom widget

7. Here you can search for the app you want to set a custom icon for.

ios 14 custom widget

8. Choose the app – we’ve chosen Music. And press Three Dots button in the top right corner again.

ios 14 custom widget

9. Give Shortcut a name.

ios 14 custom widget

10. Tap the tab Add to Home Screen.

ios 14 custom widget

11. And this is it! The moment you can choose the custom image for the app icon. Tap the icon in the tab Home Screen Name and Icons.

ios 14 custom widget

12. Choose the image from the Gallery (we’ve downloaded the icons from our Fluent pack).

ios 14 custom widget

13. Tap the needed icon and press Choose.

ios 14 custom widget

14. Now your Music app got the custom icon. Tap its tab.

ios 14 custom widget

15. Tap Add to finalize the shortcut customization.

ios 14 custom widget ios 14 custom widget

17. Press Done and enjoy the original looks of your iPhone home screen!

ios 14 custom widget

And here are the examples of iPhone home screens with custom icons in different design styles.

iOS Glyph ios 14 custom widget

Aesthetic app icons in iOS Glyph style

Hand Drawn Color ios 14 custom widget

Aesthetic app icons in Hand Drawn Color style

Fluent Systems Filled ios 14 custom widget

Aesthetic app icons in Fluent System Filled style

Don’t miss a big pack of graphics in different styles, aka “aesthetic” app icons – check and download the ones you like to make your home screens look original in no time!

aesthetic icons aesthetic icons

Check our collection with diverse examples of how iPhone users unleashed their creativity and customized their home screen widgets and icons and tons of icons in 30+ styles to customize yours. Learn how to remove background from image on iPhone.

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