Perhaps, the best thing creators can experience is seeing their creations go to the world. That’s what we strive for making and updating the products by the Icons8 team. Today, with no long texts, let us show how designers from different countries used images from the Moose, the big collection of free stock photos designed to work together.

Avatars and hero images, objects and places, theme and situational photos, a variety of models – see all that applied to user interfaces of mobile apps and websites. Let’s check how photos of this kind work in realistic UI design.

moose stock photos ui design exampleAR-based demonstration of similar products by Aurelien Salomon with the photo of super popular Moose model.

moose stock photo ui design exampleDesign inspiration for mobile UI cards and feeds using Moose photos as title images for content categories by Aurelien Salomon.

ui design moose stock photosAugmented reality scanner by Aurelien Salomon using Moose photos for visual presentation.

ui design moose stock photosUI design for a mobile app on parcel delivery by Oleksii Korzhenevskyi features a photo of the popular Moose model as a user profile picture.

3d installation moose photosThe experimental and stylish 3D installation designed by Graphixstory features the Moose photo from the set of minimalist object photos that are more and more popular among the photo stock users.

mode UI kit design moose photosMode UI Kit by UI8 also features Moose photos of different models.

prototype ui design kitAnother UI Kit for Android from UI8 called Prototype 86 also uses numerous Moose photos of people and objects as attractive layout elements.

beauty care ui design moose photos

ecommerce web design moose photosA category page and a simple product page designs for beauty care e-commerce by Alisha Chef feature a Moose photo as a demonstration shot for an offered item.

web design moose photosCreative exploration of a web page design by Rafal Cyrnek features a picture of the Asian model from Moose photo collection.

web design moose photoLanding page design for a creative agency by Team IronSketch uses the elegant Moose photo as a hero image.

mobile UI design conceptIn this UI example for an e-commerce mobile app, the designer Yangnice999 chooses our photo as a title image of summer collection of outfits.

ui design photos and illustrationsService app UI concept by DudeBox features models from Moose on avatar images. By the way, the prominent illustration on the Set Location screen also belongs to one of the Icons8 projects, Ouch, the collection of free vector illustrations for UX design.

The animated UI concept by Marvel to present the transcription feature which automatically converts the speech detected in tests into text so that users can search or quickly copy and paste into documents. The user avatar is presented with one of the male models for Moose.

Demonstration concept of the responsive user interface of an educational platform by Agensip Agency features one of Moose photos as a theme image.

Want to see your designs featured in the next collection? Send us your UI concepts using Moose photos and get featured in Icons8 Blog.

Read how to make your own photo collages for design and marketing with free Photo Creator, check the hot trends of UI design for mobile and learn how to create catchy title images for your content.

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