Icons8 scholarship

Write an essay to share your ideas about design and tech, and get a chance to win $1,000 and gain traction from the professional community.


  • Grand prize $1,000 for the winner
  • Five 1-year subscriptions to Icons8 Full Set for finalists
  • Publication in our blog

Who can participate

Undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students and researchers majoring in design or tech from all over the world.


  • Submit your application by email before March 31, 2022.
  • We will announce the winner on May 1, 2022.

How to apply

Write an essay about UI/UX Design, HCI, software engineering, SAAS / mobile / web apps development, or even ML and AI in graphic design. You can cover the current state or future evolvement, problems or opportunities, anything important and relevant to graphic design and technology.

You’re free to suggest your topic, but here are some ideas to start with:

  • Diversity in design (or tech)
  • How to humanize web design
  • Globalization or localization in design (or tech)
  • The next big thing in design (or tech)
  • Hot designers’ skillset of 2030

Your essay must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. It would be great if you add some graphics: screenshots, illustrations, photos, or videos.

To apply, submit your essay and include:

  • your general background information (full name, contact information, and details about your current or intended universities)
  • valid proof of being a student

Please, do not send your resume or recommendations.


How will you choose the winner?

We will select the best based on the overall strength of your ideas, essays, and application materials compared to the entire applicant pool.

If I win, how can I use the grand prize?

You can use it for education costs, tuition, room and board, books, or travel.

How will I find out about the results?

We’ll contact the winner and finalists personally, send an email to all students who applied, and announce it on social media.

Can I apply if my major is different?

You can submit your essay, but remember that this scholarship is about graphic design and software engineering. We may reject irrelevant essays.

What is the Icons8 Full Set subscription?

It’s premium access to all of our icons, illustrations, photos, and music. You will be able to use it in our apps like Lunacy, Pichon, plugins for Figma, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Google Docs add-on.

Can I get an Icons8 subscription without applying for the scholarship?

We support students and teachers. So you can get a students discount. Contact us, and we’ll arrange it for you. And if you talk your teacher into reaching out to us, we’ll give free access to the whole class.

How can I prove to be a student?

Use your university email or provide a copy of your student ID with the current date. Or you may provide one of the following docs: current course enrollment, an academic transcript, a letter from your advisor or the school student affairs or admissions office (signed and recently dated), URL of your institution’s publicly accessible web page or web directory that proves your student status.

Why is Icons8 starting a scholarship?

To support you as future designers and engineers as one of our kind. We are an international team of designers, developers, and content creators who create graphics and cutting-edge tools to help designers work faster and be more productive. Now, we want to help students and give you the chance to expose yourself to the digital community and make the first steps in your professional career.

Terms and conditions

  • All submitted essays and materials become the property of Icons8 and may be posted on our website, blog, social media accounts, or elsewhere as we see fit.
  • We can use your email and other contacts to inform you about any updates related to this scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients must verify that they are full-time students enrolled for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • We’ll send the scholarship money directly to the winner. The winner will be responsible for paying taxes that apply to the payout (if any). We may collect other information, including geographical location, if necessary for tax purposes (so the information you give us must be accurate).
  • We may withhold the award for any scholar who no longer meets the eligibility requirements and revoke the award for any scholar who does not maintain the eligibility requirements.
  • Selected recipients will receive instructions on how to receive the award. Failure to complete these steps by the specified deadline will disqualify recipients from receiving the award.
  • Icons8 employees are not eligible to apply for Icons8 scholarships.
  • Persons who are residents of embargoed countries, ordinarily resident in embargoed countries, or otherwise prohibited by applicable export controls and sanctions programs may not apply for this scholarship.

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