Icons8 photo library in Sender

Now you can decorate your emails in Sender with our pro-looking photos right inside the app. See how to use them and try it out yourself.

Our new partner, Sender, is the service for designing, building, sending, and managing emails with ease. And to design your letters even better, here is our photo library to help.

Let’s go through the process of using it in the drag-and-drop builder.

Create a letter

You can use one of the pre-made templates from the Sender library or just drag all the necessary blocks from the left panel in the order that you need them. Choose where you want to put photos.

Choose photo library

Double-click on the image block, or click once and find “Change” in the top right corner. You will see the pop-up. Find and choose “Icons8” on the left-side panel of the screen.

Search and select

Browse or search the Icons8 photo library to find the perfect image for your email.

Once you’ve found it, select the image.

Finalize Your Email

Once you’ve added the image, continue designing the final look of your email (read more about email design tips here). Add text, additional images, and any other necessary elements. Click the “Email preview“ button at the very top toolbar to see how it will look on desktop and mobile.

What else is cool about Sender

Here are some bits for pro email marketers that our team found really handy in this service:

  • Subscriber management. You can set up custom contact fields, groups, and lists. Lists are built on top of groups, so you maintain a clear two-level structure.
  • Various campaign builders. Drag and drop blocks to customize, use your own or ready-made templates, upload your HTML, or just type some plain text.
  • Detailed statistics. For each campaign, you see a clicks heatmap, opens and clicks dynamic, geo and platform stats, and more. If you’re on the Pro plan, you also get sales performance tracking.
  • Automation tools. There’s a very intuitive flow constructor where you can set up triggers and conditions, send spot-on emails with tailored offers, and change subscribers’ statuses and groups based on their activity.
  • API for custom integrations. This one is for nerds but offers unlimited possibilities. Send group and campaign stats to your centralized analytics tools, change customers’ parameters based on their journey, set up list cleaning, and whatnot.

Shortly about our photo library

Icons8 photo library has tons of professionally-made consistent photos that are easy to mix and match, so it will contribute a lot to your workflow in Sender.

The best part: all our ready-made photos are available for you to use inside the Sender app for free!

But in case you need to create something unique, try on our website, where you can get access to the full range of features:

  • Custom backgrounds. Add a background from our library, upload it from your device, fill it with color, or remove it completely.
  • Face editor. Change emotions, gender, and age, or even swap the face on the photo with celebrities or AI-generated ones.

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