How to recolor 3D illustrations in Photoshop

3D illustrations look great almost everywhere. Ready-made illustrations grab users’ attention and save a designer’s time. But what if you need to adjust its colors to fit the color scheme of your project or your brand colors? See how you can recolor 3D illustrations byIcons8 in Photoshop in a few steps.

Step 1

In Ouch, choose an Illustration and download two files: a PNG file and a mask. Note that masks are available only under a subscription or when you make a one-time purchase.

Steps 2

Open both files in Photoshop. Place the mask over the PNG layer.

Step 3

On the mask layer, select the area you want to recolor using the Magic wand.

Step 4

Hide the mask, add an adjustment layer, and change the color.


Now let’s recolor the mug and tablet. On the mask layer, select the mug. Add an adjustment layer, and change the color.

After that, select the tablet and repeat the above steps.

Here’s the result:

Now your image fits any color scheme!

You can do the same with any of our 3D illustrations:

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