Lunacy is almost like Figma, but faster. It is a native app, not a sluggish Electron-wrapped browser pretending to be an app. And it can work offline. Here’re some tips on how to migrate from Figma to Lunacy.

Why Lunacy

  • Works online and offline on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Has all the basic features, except for auto layout (coming soon!): collaboration, components, styles, etc. Check out the full comparison.
  • Readily handles huge files of several gigabytes in size. No more annoying loading indicator!

Where to download

How to migrate

All you need is to convert Figma files to .sketch. You can consider the following three options:

  • Convertify. Figma plugin. Сonverts first 10 files for free.
  • Avocode. Free online converter. Requires a Figma access token.
  • XD2Sketch. Pricing starts from $84/file with a limit of 50 artboards. There are also bundles with unlimited artboards and prices ranging from $165 to $445.

Both free converters work fine, but there can be issues with components.


Components remain components, but they don’t show up and appear as placeholders.

Figma components after conversion to .sktech

Components after conversion

Other possible issues:

  • Broken links with other files, design systems and their components.
  • Fills can appear on masked layers. In such a case, you’ll need to remove the fills manually.
convertify plugin converts a figma project to .sketch

Convertify thinks for a while and then outputs a sketch file.


The converter is available for free. It requires your Figma access token. Here’s how you can get it:

Getting Figma access token. Step 1

Getting Figma access token. Step 1

Getting Figma access token. Step 2

Getting Figma access token. Step 2

Avocode is really a great tool for converting Figma files to .sketch. But it turns components into groups.


XD2Sketch is an option for the guys with fat wallets. We didn’t try it. But they say that it works fine.

A screenshot of XD2sketch pricing

A screenshot of XD2sketch pricing


How to work in Lunacy

You’ll have no problems switching from Figma to Lunacy: all the features and hotkeys are similar. If you want to learn more about Lunacy or need help, check out our:

Try tools for creators by the Icons8 team:


Icons8, a library of about 130K+ icons and clip art images

Offline app icons8

Offline app and plugins to drag’n’drop icons and clip art to any design tools


Moose, the big collection of high-quality stock photos


Ouch! , a library of vector illustrations and collages

Background Remover

Background Remover, AI-based online tool for removing background from any photo

Mega Creator

Mega Creator, online tool for creating visual content from pre-made elements


Fugue, royalty free music for videos of any kind


Lunacy, free graphic design software with built-in design resources

Smart Upscaler

Smart Upscaler, image upscaler to enlarge and enhance images using AI

Generated Photos

Generated Photos, unique, worry-free model photos generated by AI

Also, get the lists of free vector software and free photo editing software.
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