How to ensure diversity in your designs

How to ensure diversity and representation in visual content? That’s quite a serious challenge for designers, bloggers, social media marketers, and all the rest who regularly need custom photo materials. Traditional photo stocks are of little help here: those images tell the stories of stock photographers, not yours. Shooting your own photos seems like the only way out. But it is costly and time-consuming: starting from finding models, the right location or studio, make-up, and all that. Well, we’d rather say “seemed”, because we have a solution now: you can create a brand new photo in Mega Creator.

A solution for lack of diversity in designs

Mega Creator is an online graphic editor where you create pro-looking collages from tens of thousands of photos of people, objects, animals, and backgrounds. We have taken all of them in similar environments (lighting, distance, etc.). So all the photos in the Mega Creator gallery perfectly match each other.

You can find images of people of different ages, skin tones, and body types. For this, you can use a special filter, where you can select the required gender, age, race, hair color, and more. Also, to speed up the search, you can use categories that will let you find people drinking coffee, talking over the phone, doing sports, etc.

Filtering photos in Mega Creator

The gallery continuously grows. While casting models, the Icons8 photo team pays special attention to diversity and representation.

Another great thing about Mega Creator is its integration with Generated Photos, an online stock of diverse, incredibly realistic headshots generated by AI. You can filter these 500,000 photos of people of all colors and ages using a variety of parameters.

A view of AI faces in Mega Creator

Moreover, in Mega Creator you will find massive libraries of icons, editable vector images, as well as raster and even 3D illustrations with diverse characters that you can use to visualize your stories.

You can start with a blank page. Just select one of the preset canvas sizes or set your own. Then drop the required images onto the canvas and arrange them as needed. Also, you can:

  • Use hundreds of templates for all popular social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest
  • Customize every element of a template
  • Upload your own images and mix them up with Icons8 graphics
  • Remove backgrounds from uploaded photos in a single click

Working in the app is super easy. It’s like playing Lego with photos instead of plastic bricks.


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