10 Hot Logo Design Trends for 2021

Does your logo need polishing up? Then be sure to check out this overview of the hot logo design trends which are expected to rule the scene in 2021. The variety of new trends can be overwhelming. Let Logaster logo maker be your guide through the diverse world of design trends!

Minimalist designs

Minimalism is not going anywhere. In today’s buzzing world, customers have less and less time to scrutinize intricate details. Plus, most users interact with brands via smartphones that require simple and clean graphic solutions. To craft a minimalist, straightforward logo, use sans-serif fonts, thin lines, and clean geometry. With the right amount of patience, you’ll end up with a clean and memorable design that will serve you for years to come.

Custom fonts

Helvetica, Poppins, Arial, and other iconic fonts are the staples of many renowned logos. Developing a unique font is a sure way to stand out and showcase your artistic skills. If you’re working on a text-based logo, be sure to create a custom typeface for it. At the same time, while chasing inventive ideas, do not forget about legibility. Otherwise, all your creative efforts will go down the drain.


Gradients are a longstanding trend that will continue to grow stronger in 2021. This technique has yet so much to offer! Smooth transitions between different colors add volume to an image, making it look three-dimensional. However, there is one tricky thing about gradient-based emblems. When creating a logo with gradients, make sure your selected shades reproduce well in print.

Text destruction

What does your brain do when you see a word missing a letter or two? The answer is obvious. You start to look more carefully, trying to complete the image in your head. The same applies to a logo that features unfinished lines or blurred letters. Visual riddles attract viewers like a magnet! The main thing is not to go over the top and make sure your logo is recognizable.

New take on geometry

With this budding trend at your fingertips, you can transform a trivial logo into a masterpiece. If your design contains a graphic shape, you can double it up and paint the two forms in matching colors. A great way to spice up a text-based emblem is by replacing a letter with a telltale illustration. Through diverse geometric shapes, you can enhance your corporate design big time!

Negative space

Designers have been capitalizing on negative space for years now. It’s a fantastic way to create a multi-layered emblem, which is exciting to explore. Using negative space can take many forms, depending on your logo, brand personality, and creative skills. By incorporating additional meanings into your design, you have all the chances to grab your audience’s attention.

Elegant lines

Refined logos with thin decoration elements are trending again. Clean and stylish, such designs feel high-end and professional. When using this technique, steer clear of massive and bulky elements. We can’t wait to see what forms this amazing trend will take in the upcoming year!

Planned chaos

The year 2021 encourages outside-the-box thinking. Feel free to twist letters, arrange geometric shapes in random order, create fancy combinations, and more. Keep in mind that each creative decision must pursue a specific purpose and serve to bring out your brand personality.


What if chaotic designs make you shudder? No worries! The upcoming year has a trend for you too! Go the opposite way and craft an orderly, balanced logo. Rely on the symmetric arrangement and clean typography. With the right amount of hard work, you’ll end up with a glamorous emblem that gives off strong consistency vibes.


Monograms are a classic technique that never fails to look stylish and elegant. It might be a great idea to couple monograms with muted gradients, visually striking geometry, and original fonts. Pairing trendy techniques can take your designs to a new level!

The primary trend of the upcoming year is the liberty to combine polarizing techniques and approaches. That is how you can achieve a fresh perspective on your branding. Find the courage to bring together different trends and see how they transform your design!

About the author: this is the guest post by Dmitry Leiba, the content marketing manager at Logaster, an online brand builder. He possesses hands-on experience in writing about technologies, marketing trends, and branding strategies.

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