Do you know the pain of searching the sounds and music for your video, UI or game intro or perhaps a background for interactions on your website? With numerous reasons why you may need it, getting the music high-quality and fresh is a real challenge. Moreover, it may be quite expensive. Here in Icons8 we’ve found a solution: meet Fugue, a big collection of free stock music released on Product Hunt today.

What Is Fugue?

Fugue is a stock service of royalty-free music. About a thousand of unique high-quality tracks have been created by professional composers and categorized for you – and the collection is constantly growing. The track you need can be chosen from the sets organized along three global parameters: themes, genres and moods.

Themes present a diverse list of aims you may use the track for and the atmosphere it is needed for. So, here you will find music for business and entertainment, streaming and vlogging, games and commercials, there are tracks on food, holiday, lifestyle, meditation, sport, technology and even horror themes.

Genres present more focus on sound performance, music style and instruments involved in the track. So, the categories are clear for any user, even being far from music production: here you’ll find rock, pop, acoustic, folk, electronic, jazz, R&B and many others.

Moods allow you to get even deeper into the atmosphere and mood you will set for the listeners with a chosen track. Here you’ll select between quite abstract categories focused on emotional appeal music presents, so tracks will be sorted out as inspirational or intense, playful or peaceful, powerful or romantic, suspense of carefree, and so on, and so forth.

So, choosing a track, you get a variety of options – and it’s increasing day by day.

How to Get a Music Track for Your Project?

There are no dark or hidden schemes. You may download the track you like in high-quality whenever you need it for free – all we ask for is a link to the service.

In case you don’t want to give credits to us, there’s a premium mode that costs 19.90$ per month and allows you to use all the content we produce – not only all the music, but also daily updated collection of icons (69K at the moment) and huge set of high-quality stock photos that are designed to effectively work together.

The navigation is as simple as possible. If you want to listen to a track, you just click a cover image and it starts playing. In the bottom part of the page, there’s a loading bar of a player showing the equalizer of the track. To get it on your computer, just press download button and enjoy. No unnecessary clicks – that really saves time and nerves in the process of choice.

How Can You Use Stock Music from Fugue?

Among the most popular request, music tracks may be applied to:

  • promo and explainer videos
  • educational videos and cartoons
  • commercials
  • podcast backgrounds
  • UI interactions
  • game intros and backgrounds

Early adopters who have already tried the collection also claim it may be successfully used as a background music for work in the creative flow. Most of us listen to music in the process of design, why won’t try freshly made playlists already organized along the themes or composers? A couple of clicks – and you are fully armed. Even more, these sets could be used by cafes, showrooms and other places that have a light background music to entertain or relax their visitors. Practice shows that (as well as other assets from our team – icons and photos) our music will find even more ways of its effective realization as soon as it reached creative people.

So, don’t wait long, join to the discussion about Fugue on Product Hunt and let us know what you think. We have already got some ideas there for the next updates – now it’s your turn to share what you need!

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