Too Cool for School: 15 Free Vector Illustrations on Education

Autumn starts not only a new season for nature, but also for all those who are involved in the education process. Continuing the theme we started with a big set of free school clipart and icons, today we’ve collected a pack of free vectors on education in 15 design styles on Ouch library. The free illustrations can be effectively used for:

  • blog articles
  • educational projects
  • landing pages
  • banners
  • worksheets
  • Powerpoint and SlideShare presentations
  • web and mobile user interfaces
  • custom card design
  • emails and newsletters

Enjoy, get inspired and use them for your projects – all the images are free for a link. In case you want to check a full pack of free pictures in a particular style, just click the link below the picture.

Free education vector in Flamenco style

Funny student vector in Flamenco style

Studying process illustration in Marginalia style

Trendy education illustration for webpages, articles, and emails in Pablo style

Lovely visual metaphor on education in vector illustration from the Taxi pack

Another cute animal illustration on education theme in Ginger Cat style

Clean and catchy illustration in Fogg style

Online education process in another free vector from Fogg pack

Geometric and neat illustration on reading and studying in Clip style

New-age and technologically advanced education in cartoonish Bermuda style

Playful illustration from Pluto pack with typical attributes of studying process: book, pencil, desk, and student, of course.

One more piece of cartoonish digital art about education with cosmic vibes in Pluto style 

Funny character in free vector illustration from the Karlsson pack

Cute contrast education art in Arabica style

Catchy vector illustration of a graduate in Flame style

Review the Ouch library of free vectors for more topics and arts. New theme collections are coming soon!

Also, welcome to review the collections of school clipart, weather graphics, diverse fall clipart and icons, and animal images



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