Released in version 5.0, Lunacy is a solid and well-improved vector graphic design editor with icons, photos, masked images, and illustrations integrated. It’s Sketch alternative for Windows with diverse design assets, broad functionality and enhanced productivity. Join the discussion on Product Hunt, where Lunacy Designer 5.0 has just been released, or check the upgrades into our free graphic design software in this article.

Now Lunacy is perfect to streamline your workflow with a free design software full of smart features and built-in assets: it’s ver. 5.0 comes out packed with features, performance, and smarts.

lunacy design software

The Lunacy editor has been in development for the last few years as an immature product, but now it is a full-featured design tool for Windows that lets you work with (and save) Sketch files without lock-in associated with Figma or Adobe XD. As a native app, it can take advantage of your computers GPU and works great offline as well.

lunacy design software

Features and Improvements

A few of the new features in version 5.0:

  • Stability and performance have been dramatically improved
lunacy design software
  • AI-powered background removal
  • New smart features save you time on repetitive tasks like rounding corners, creating placeholder content, and making shapes
lunacy design software
  • Full UI kits integrated
  • Text and layer style library
  • Symbol and hotspot overrides to reduce symbol duplication
lunacy design software
  • Get ultra-fine 4K assets just by clicking ‘supersize it’
  • Icon, photo, or illustration assets of pro-quality can now be individually purchased. Best of all, most are just $1! This is great news for those who do not want to buy a full Icons8 Pro license, but still, need high-quality graphics from time-to-time.* Being 100% free, asset purchases enable us to continue the development of Lunacy.
lunacy design software

…and of course, we squashed a serious number of bugs, nearly ~1k!

Note: Some features are only available in the Lunacy version from the Microsoft Store. If you are using a direct-download version we suggest grabbing this new release from the MS Store.

lunacy design software

A worrying trend we have seen lately is how Adobe XD, Figma, and other design tools are moving towards locking teams into their products by not allowing projects to be easily exported. This lock-in is very easy to fall into as the tools start off as free and only require payment to work with teammates. This can end up fragmenting small teams or indie projects.

With Lunacy, we do not split teammates up. We connect them. Sketch files can be opened, worked on, and saved without any special process. Windows and Mac users can finally work on the same project from different products.

Sure, the process of improvement doesn’t stop and your feedback is our way to make it better for you. Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think.


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