The Icons8 team released two new styles in the diverse icon library: enjoy 2000+ modern Fluent System icons covering all the range of UI design tasks.

Tired of using the same iOS icons for every UI task? We have just the solution; 2 new complete icons sets inspired by our popular Fluent icons. These systems fonts are designed to be legible anywhere, look professional, and offer great coverage of topics. Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think.

We know you love clean and usable icons, so we are happy to share our newest style – Fluent System. These icons are a reimagined version of our popular Fluent style icons with usability placed front and center. With both filled and outline variations, these monochrome icons are ideal for any UI design task.

fluent system icons release

Fluent System Features

  • Legible anywhere, even at small sizes, so these icons help you make an interface accessible and easy-to-use in different environments
fluent system icons release
  • Available in filled and outline styles, giving designers higher flexibility and range of choice for different design solutions
fluent system icons release
  • 2000+ original icons designed to provide the full coverage of UI tasks and supporting the consistency of graphics even for complex projects
fluent system icons release
  • Pixel-perfect quality and attention to details, traditional for all the icons by the Icons8 team
fluent system icons release

As with the rest of our 140k+ icons, you can use them commercially for free with link attribution, or grab an Icons8 Pro subscription for laser-sharp SVG icons!

The Fluent System icons work great when paired with the full-color Fluent icons.

Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think, your feedback helps us make the product better!

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