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Fluent Icons: New Design Style Is Released in Icons8 Library

New icon style is up for Icons8 users: meet Fluent icons, fun, bright, and professional new style, inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design.

A full set of almost 1000 icons that are Fluent in your design language are now live and available in various formats. Get them free for a link or grab an Icons8 Pro subscription to get crisp SVG icons. These consistent icons are ideal for use across apps, presentations, websites, and infographics. Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think.

Our goal is to help you look more professional with consistent, high-quality design resources. This full set of 965 icons meets that bar and is ready to be used anywhere. We love how these turned out and are excited to see what you make with them.

Fluent style offers:

  • Colorful and professional looks
  • Solid consistency
  • Exceptional, hand-crafted quality
  • Broad coverage of topics

The icons from this pack are free to use for personal and commercial projects with link attribution. To extend the options and use them without attributions, Icons8 Pro subscription will help you to get SVG icons in various sizes, together with a full Icons8 library of over 120 000 icons in 30+ design styles.

Try Fluent icons and make your designs brighter!


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