Smart Upscaler has got a unique face processing feature. It now enhances faces like no other similar service and can enlarge images up to 64 megapixels.

Before we started working on the new version of the Smart Upscaler, we analyzed the types of photos people uploaded to our app. It turned out the majority of images were photos of people. And what do we look at when we see a picture of a person? Of course, it’s the face.

So we created an algorithm that recognizes faces in your photos and handles them with special care. It takes a face and creates a new larger copy of it, fixing the source image’s problems wherever possible.

Meme photo before and after upscaling A photo of oldman from Squid game series enlarged by Smart Upscaler

Another big thing about the new Upscaler is that now it can enlarge an image up to 64 megapixels without losing quality until it reaches 8000px on either of the sides. This resolution is good enough to make your images look crisp on a 4K screen, in a glossy magazine, on a large canvas, or even wallpaper. If you prefer figures, think of excellent quality printouts of up to:

  • 27×27 inches (68×68 cm) at 300 DPI
  • 40×40 inches (100×100 cm) at 200 DPI

How do people use Smart Upscaler?

Here’s what we’ve found out during our research: 53% of all enlarged images are photos, 34% illustrations, 13% documents.

Pie-chart showing what type of images people enlarge with Smart Upscaler

Let’s test the new Smart Upscaler and see how it deals with different types of images.

Enlarging images of people

Photos taken on low-end smartphones and first digital cameras can be great. But they would look small or pixelated if you simply print them. Or those awesome photos posted on Instagram: they all got compressed, so you can’t use them again for your website or blog if you haven’t backed up the original photos. With our AI-powered tool, increasing image resolution is not a problem anymore.

Enlarged photo of meghan and charles Photo of a celebrity enlarged by Smart Upscaler Photo of a man enlarged by Icons8 Upscaler

Restoring old photos

People use Smart Upscaler to restore photos made before the digital era, mostly historical ones or cherished family photos from grandma’s albums. Decades ago, you would have needed a sharp blade, a pencil, and many hours to do that. Later on, the same procedure took long hours in Photoshop. In the AI era, you can do it with a click.

Photo of Mark Twain restored by Smart Upscaler Vintage photo of two girls upscaled by Smart Upscaler Old photo of a family enhanced by Image Upscaler Photo of a family fro 1970's enlarged and enhanced by Smart Upscaler Photo of Ozzy Osborne and kids enlarged by Smart Upscaler

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Enhancing and enlarging images of products

We all like nice and large product photos, right? So those who sell online use Smart Upscaler to enhance and enlarge images they display on marketplaces. But it takes time to upscale many images. And this is where a batch uploading feature comes in handy: you can drop all of the images onto the app screen at once and get them back improved in a few minutes.

Photo of a model in hoodie enlarged by Smart Upscaler Lingerie photo enlarged by Image Upscaler Jewellery photo enlarged by Icons8 Upsacler Photo of a phone enlarged by Smart Upscaler Photo of a watch enhanced by Image Upscaler Photo of a gym bottle before and after upscaling Image of sports shoes enlarged by Smart Upscaler

Enhancing and enlarging illustrations

A third of uploads to Smart Upscaler are different types of illustrations. So, we’ll check various types of pictures:

  • Professional art
  • Kids’ drawings
  • Logos
  • Images downloaded from the internet, including anime and cartoon screenshots
Computer art enlarged by Smart Upscaler Comics style art before and after upscaling Image of a Toy Story cartoon character before and after upscaling Image of a comics character before and after upscaling Image of an anime girl enlarged by Smart Upscaler Anime style image enlarged by smart upscaler Image of Robot Bender enlarged by Smart Upscaler Image of meme frog enlarged by Icons8 upscaler Star wars art before and after upscaling

Enhancing document photos

Smart Upscaler’s AI can also improve the readability of the various documents:

  • Copies of lectures
  • Low-res schemes and diagrams
  • Medication package leaflets
  • Old newspapers and other documents
Photo of a lecture in handwriting before and after upscaling House scheme enlarged by Smart Upscaler ID photo enlarged by Icons8 Upscaler Enlarged image of a passport

Enhancing images from low-res security cameras

The quality of footage of many CCTV cams is still far from being perfect. So, if you want to see the face of the stranger who approached your door, try Smart Upscaler. Check out a few examples below.

Note: enhanced photos cannot be used as proof or evidence in court since AI is not identifying a person but reimagining a face. But such images can save precious time and maybe someone’s life by providing a lucky guess like a witness of sorts.

cctv footage enhanced by Smart Upscaler CCTV footage enhanced by Smart Upscaler cctv footage enhanced by Smart Upscaler cctv footage enhanced by smart upscaler

Try out the new Smart Upscaler, share the result on social media, and tag Icons8 to get a chance to win an unlimited subscription.

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