Hey, those who trust Dropbox Paper, be aware they could block you for no apparent reason.

I’ve lost:

  • Icons8 onboarding
  • Employee directory
  • Sales and marketing plans
  • OKRs
  • Meeting notes
  • HR directory with guidelines on vacations, sick leave, taxes, etc.
  • Test tasks
  • Etc.

Did I break their rules? None I’m aware of. I’ve read their ToS, and they’re pretty straightforward. They make sense to me.

Can I restore it? Yes. It will take months of re-writing and editing the long reads. Sorry, Elena, you were my best editor ever!

The Dropbox support is as polite as ineffective. These kind people navigate you through their self-created red tape, transfer to the right department, then leave you waiting with no response.

I wish I can learn something from it.

Should I backup my data? It looks obvious now, but I thought backups are so 2000s. Who backs up Dropbox after all?

Should I use something more reliable? Dropbox seemed trustworthy to me.


CEO Column by Ivan Braun, the founder of Icons8

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