“Where words fail, music speaks” Hans Christian Andersen once said and it’s hard to disagree. Today, music works with words and pictures really well, making them stronger and more emotional. Our first release of Fugue, a big collection of royalty free music for video production and design, showed that for many creators, this offer is on demand. So, today we are glad to roll out Fugue 2.0, the upgraded resource of high-quality audio tracks in various styles for video creators of any level. It’s just been released on Product Hunt, so welcome to join the discussion.

fugue free music for video content

What’s New in Fugue 2.0?

As a quick reminder, Fugue presents a big (and constantly growing) collection of unique music tracks created by professional composers and classified for fast and easy search. The track you need can be chosen from the sets organized along three global parameters: themes, genres, and moods.

It’s hard to find better usability testing than feedback from real users of the product. After the first release, we’ve collected stats and analyzed what users do on the platform, what kinds of music are on demand and what problems may appear in interaction with the layout.

Based on all that stuff, Fugue 2.0 has new improved UI.

fugue royalty free music for video content

New features:

  • The player controls and waveform were improved
fugue free music for videos
  • Users can listen to any part of a track at once
fugue free music for video
  • All waveforms are on the screen
fugue free music for video production
  • the collection has grown: 555 new audio tracks have been added, as usual carefully picked.
fugue free music resource upgrade

Who Is Fugue for?

Practice shows that Fugue is real support for:

  • interface Designers
  • designers that create video showcases of the process
  • advertising and marketing creative teams
  • vloggers
  • game designers
  • video creators
  • sound designers

Among the most popular requests, music tracks may be applied to:

  • promo and explainer videos
  • vlogs
  • educational videos and cartoons
  • commercials
  • podcast backgrounds
  • UI interactions
  • game intros and backgrounds.

How to Use Fugue?

There nothing hard, and nothing has changed since the first release. All the audio tracks on Fugue collection are free for a link both for personal and commercial use. In case you want to use the music with no credits to us, welcome to buy a license: it’s just $19.90 per month but it will give you full access to not only music but all our products – icons, photos, and vector illustrations.

Here we’ve collected some videos that featured tracks from Fugue.

What’s Ahead?

No doubt, we continue improving Fugue and here are the closest plans.

Coming soon:

  • The last listened track remains in user’s account
  • Player volume control
  • New audio tracks load with a scroll instead of clicking a button.

No, it’s your turn. Join the discussion on Product Hunt or right here in comments. Let us know what you think and what features you would like to see in the next release.

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