Seeing your product go to the world & help people create beautiful things is the best feeling a maker can ever experience. That’s what we strive for, creating and updating the products here in the Icons8 team.

Time to show our support and appreciation to those creators who design incredible things with our graphics: interfaces, landing pages, presentation templates, animations, mobile apps. Some of them go even further, making card games and workbooks for kids.

Now let us show them off to you 😉

Banky home page design with Handy 3D Hands.

by Taras Migulko

Learning platform web interface with Casual Life 3D illustrations from Ouch! library.

Mental health care website with a photo from Moose photo stock.

by Fadhilah Rizky for One Week Wonders

Neuromorphic finance app design with illustrations in Surr style from Ouch! vector library.

Animation with illustrations in Conifer style from Ouch! vector library

Smart sleep tracking app with a photo from Moose photo stock.

by RD UX/UI for RonDesignLab

Banking platform Banko with Handy 3D Hands.

Neighborhood app onboarding with illustrations in Ginger Cat style from Ouch! vector library.

Mood tracker app with Casual Life 3D illustrations from Ouch! library.

Finance mobile app with illustrations in a brand new Polar style from Ouch! vector library.

Online digital library with illustrations in Taxi style from Ouch! vector library.

An instructive and inspiring use case with foodstuffs and a bit of out-of-boredom creativity

Do you enjoy playing board games? Then you’ll love this one.

On one snowy winter day, Clark Wimberly, a freelance designer, had some time to kill. So he sat down and spent a few hours in Figma designing a card game.

He called the game “Yes Chef!”. It consists of 104 cards illustrated with Pastel icons from yours truly. The gameplay is somewhat similar to the Overcooked video game.

Font by Simplebits

Food icons in Pastel style by Icons8

Clark even ordered a test deck printed. Like he says on his Twitter: “It needs a bit of balancing, but the mechanics definitely seemed to work.”

Looks fun, right? Would you play it?

A test deck printed by GameCrafter

Angry mom icon and its benefits for kids’ education

Some time ago, our icon team began receiving requests for icons of a peculiar nature. Amongst them were ones like “strict mom,” “a Greek passport with a seal,” “girls admiring a sexy boy,” “a man feeding a chicken,” and lots of other odd things. Those requests always came from one user, and we racked our brains thinking of what he needs them for.

Finally, we solved the Mystery of Odd Icon Requests. It turned out that our cryptic user was a Math teacher from Greece. He had been working on a textbook to teach math to kids. The teacher used the icons we draw for him as illustrations, and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

Just take a look!

Color style icons illustrating reflexive pronouns

Icons in Office style

Icons in Color style for question words

Home-related icons in Color style

Weather icons in Color style

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