Check a bunch of points to consider when you work on a dating website design.

Your dating site’s success depends on the quality of your code and the brand’s ability to insist upon itself. To stand out from the rest of the crowd, a website must have a unique, unusual, and distinctive design compared to all the other sites on the market.

How can you make that happen? Let us show that by the example of the Cupid website which can boast of an attractive and eye-catching design. The team behind the website made that happen by considering the brand, colors, and template, three elements that we will consider further in this article.

cupid dating website

Brand and Logo

Brand and logo are essential factors to consider separately as well as together. The brand will inform the design of the logo, and the logo communicates the brand. Furthermore, brand and logo must work in concert to create a perception of the company that attracts customers to them based on how the dating site wants to be perceived.

First off, a company’s brand is best defined as the collective impact or lasting impression from all that is seen, heard, or experienced by customers. Thus, if you want a simple way of looking at a dating site’s brand, it can be thought of as both the way the company tries to be perceived as well as the impact it has on the customers.

So, if you want to consider what a good logo to match a brand for a dating site would be, an example like the Cupid website is a great place to start. The name is part of the brand, and everyone knows that Cupid is related to love. Furthermore, the logo uses a fancy serif font, showing a touch of class for the users, which is perceived as high quality. Moreover, the ‘C’ has wings on it, which is both a way to reinforce Cupid’s love-creating abilities and haste. However, the color scheme, which we will explain further in the future, uses blue, a calming color. The users will know instantly that this service is not a place for spicy relationships or casual dates— it is a place where people go to find love.

Taken together, that simple-looking logo reinforces the brand that the site has tried to create. They want customers to come seeking love on a website that is there for long-term relationships, and the logo speaks to that. That is just one example of a dating service that has established their brand and logo in such a way that it reinforces the way they want to be seen by customers while also meeting their goals.

To be successful, you must make an original logo and a brand that is true and honest to your site and its goals.

cupid dating website

Color scheme

When you are developing your dating site’s design, you have to pay a lot of attention to the color scheme. Anyone that has studied color psychology or used it in marketing knows the power of subtly using colors to get people to think and act in a certain way.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Cupid website makes use of the color blue. According to the experts on color psychology, blue is a color that makes people feel calm. It’s the color you paint a baby’s room, so they feel serene. Sometimes, it can be used to promote distance. All of these relate to the idea of online dating when you’re trying to meet a romantic partner but have some distance between you.

Not every color is going to inspire such demure and restrained feelings, though. Everyone knows that red is the color of passion and appetite. Why do you think so many fast-food restaurants use it as a color? The same applies to dating services that want you to use the site for fast dates and passionate outcomes.

These are just some of the examples of the most common and famous colors that are used in the world of online dating. You can use different colors that speak to your brand. The color schemes you use on the site must be aesthetically appealing and still reinforce your brand’s goals and message.

However, when it comes to website design, you should always consider the idea that less is more. You should not splash the color of your choice in every place that you can reach. There needs to be plenty of white space, so your site looks professional and remains readable.

All in all, the colors that are used in the development of your site are critical. They will have a subtle influence on every aspect of your site, from the logo to the brand, and they have to be aligned with each of those aspects of the site will send the wrong message!

cupid dating website

Good UX and Proper Template

When you are developing your website, you’ll want to use a website template that ensures a smooth and positive user experience. It is a vital aspect of new dating sites in this day and age. While some people would prefer to have a completely original site, the fact remains that a lot of the most effective designs have already been created. Implementing a template for your site will save you a lot of time and effort in creating your web service. After all, why should you spend thousands on a unique design that is only 5% different than existing templates?

Getting any template and getting the right template are two different things, though. Once again, your dating site’s template must reflect the brand of the site. A good template will reinforce the message that you’re sending to your site’s users about how they can use the site.

For example, a layout that allows the members to scroll through profiles and send rapid messages easily tells the users they have many potential connections and reinforces quick dating. A web interface that makes a person focus on a single profile at a time tells the individual using the site to slow down and consider each choice before making a decision.

The same can be said about the level of detail that goes into dating profiles. Do you want people on your site to go into the date knowing everything, or do you want them to connect based on very specific criteria that only require a sentence or two of information? The dating site template used will change the way your site is perceived.

It is also important to remember that having a good website template will increase the overall speed with which the site loads, allowing your service to keep users engaged and ready for action.
Considering all these facts, you need to find a suitable template that meets your site’s needs and also encourages your specific population of customers to use it.

Creating a unique design for your dating site is just one step of generating a successful dating service. You must include your branding in every part of the site and use elements such as the user interface, logo, and color scheme to reinforce it. Making a cohesive dating site is not easy, but they are far more successful than those that do not consider the importance of the elements we have examined here.

About the author: Maria Biz is a writer who specializes in the design, relationships, online dating with three years of experience. Lives and works in New York.

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