Importing Figma files into Lunacy

This article guides you through the import process and showcases Lunacy's efficiency even with tricky challenges like components and auto…

5 months ago

How to design engaging posts on social media

Sometimes there is no time to wait for a professional designer to make social media post image. Here is a…

7 months ago

Remove backgrounds and upscale lots of pics in 1 click

New AI-based routine killer from the Icons8 team for those who need to edit images in bulk. (more…)

8 months ago

100,000 humans that don’t exist

Generated Photos are giving away a set of 100K full-bodied photos of people generated completely by AI. Worry-free model photos…

12 months ago

New in Lunacy: smart layer tree, pre-made palettes, voice comments, and more

Top 10 Lunacy features introduced in the latest versions. Don't miss the changes that can become your life savers.

1 year ago

How to remove background from image in Illustrator

In this post, we’ll cover how to remove background from a picture in Adobe Illustrator using image trace, and pen…

2 years ago

From Axure to Principle

90% of startups without prototypes fail. With prototypes, only 89% do. Jokes aside, I used to create prototypes for the…

6 years ago

How Much Do Free Images Really Cost?

Table of Contents [hide] 1 What Do You Need Free Images For? 2 What Is a Copyright? 3 Copyright Infringement – How Much Being…

6 years ago

Blind Method of Hiring a Software Developer

Table of Contents 1 How Come They Passed the Interview? 2 The Blind Method 3 Our Experiment 4 Step 1. Choose a Test Task…

6 years ago

35 Awesome Free Resources For UI Designer

A UI designer with no tools is like a driver without a steering wheel – it’s funny and dangerous. Prototyping…

6 years ago

Essential Guide to SVG Icons – When to Use and How to Edit

Are you a beginning front-end developer? Would you like to get the most out of vector icons? Then this guide is for you!…

7 years ago

Open Source Projects Get Icons Free

Icons for popular open source projects are free. By “popular” we meant the projects that have a community of users and contributors. Although we don’t…

11 years ago

Download all Icons for Windows 8 (Metro Style)

Builds are updated each working day (though there is no precise time — we serve our paid clients first). windows8_icons.zip This archive…

12 years ago

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