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Meet Fugue 3.0: Fresh royalty-free music for your videos

Finding the right royalty-free music for a video can be challenging. And buying a proper license can be tricky. (more…)

1 year ago

Playlist of the week: intro music

A well-thought-out introduction in video grabs the visitor's attention and encourages them to watch on.

2 years ago

Playlist of the week: classical music for studying

Sometimes it is so hard to focus on your studies and start getting things done. But good music can fix…

2 years ago

Playlist of the week: wedding music

All the details are important to create the right atmosphere on your wedding day: the bride's dress, the groom's suit,…

2 years ago

Playlist of the week: music for tutorials

If we look at tutorials or explainer videos on Youtube, we notice that music always accompanies them. Well-chosen background tunes…

2 years ago

Global Beatles Day: rock music celebration

On June 25th, the world honors the Beatles, the greatest rock band in history. There is no better day to…

2 years ago

How to choose music for YouTube videos

In this article, you will learn how to choose music for YouTube videos. Music in a video works the same…

2 years ago

World Music Day: greetings from Fugue audio stock

One of the finest arts on our planet is music. With the right tracks, we can move through time, share…

2 years ago

Playlist of the week: summer music

Summer is a great time for creativity. In this playlist, you will find sound inspiration for your carefree summer video.…

2 years ago

How AI music generators change the music industry

Have you imagined that artificial intelligence is capable of doing something very creative? Of course, we know that AI makes…

2 years ago

How to pick up the right music genre for your video: classical music

Classical music is about delicate instrumental musical forms like the concerto, symphony, sonata, etc. But it's not only about concerts…

2 years ago

Playlist of the week: Lo-Fi music

Lo-Fi is one of the brightest alternative musical protests. It has confidently held its position since the middle of the…

2 years ago

Playlist of the Week: Beautiful Music

Spring has finally arrived! Would you spend it shopping on seasonal sales or hiding eggs and promising to lose weight…

2 years ago

Playlist Of The Week: Action Music

Let’s imagine your future video or animation work. What if this time you are going to create something dynamic and…

2 years ago

Playlist Of The Week: Best Romantic Music

Are you in love with a new crush or celebrating a big anniversary with your old partner? Whatever you feel…

2 years ago

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