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Sexy boy, physical abuse and murder: a story of a serial icons requester

Years ago, we made the Request icon feature: if you need an icon, you can request it. If other users…

2 days ago

New Pichon for Mac

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZJpo63sxWk Great news for Mac-based designers, developers, and other creatives! (more…)

3 weeks ago

So cool for school: essential graphic collection for teachers and students

It’s September 1st, boys and girls. Hope you had a great vacation.  Now it’s time to go back to your…

3 months ago

Catgratulations: special collection of frisky graphics for International Cat Day

Fluffy rulers of the global Internet are celebrating their day on August the 8th. Make sure you are well prepared…

4 months ago

Color Glass Icons: 1,800+ geometric icons that look like gems

Have you ever looked through a piece of colored glass? It literally changes the world around you! That's what these…

4 months ago

Friends Only: a special collection of Friendship Day images

Close friends share about 1% of their DNA. That’s what researchers at Yale University have found out. We, at Icons8,…

4 months ago

Happily Ever After: a collection of illustrations, icons and photos for Parents’ Day

Recently it seems like nothing can beat Vin Diesel in showing off those strong family bonds. However, we’ll try. Check…

5 months ago

Tokyo Olympics Ultimate Graphic Bundle: mascots, logos & flags

Major sports events are back! Yay! We finally can enjoy sports competitions and root for our countries at the Tokyo…

5 months ago

Sharing emotions: World Emoji Day graphic collection

Happy World Emoji Day! Those small colorful icons help us broadcast moods and vibes since 2007. So, we share our…

5 months ago

Glyph Neue icons: 1,500+ free icons, good old style with brand-new detailing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ2yehV7mRM The time has come to update those good old glyphs. They served us all well: we've seen them on…

5 months ago

Like, Share, Repost: an ultimate bundle of eye-catching graphics for Social Media Day

We know what you would ask: isn’t it Social Media Day every day now? Metaphorically speaking — yeah, sure. But…

5 months ago

Get calm: enjoy the graphic set for the Yoga And Meditation day

Breathe in... Breathe out! Get calm and enjoy International Yoga day. We've collected some restful content to highlight your design.…

6 months ago

World Environment Day: a special collection of nature-friendly graphics

On World Environment Day people from countries worldwide come together to take action to defend our planet. We have gathered…

6 months ago

Mmm, yummy: World milk day 2021

World Milk Day is celebrated on June 1st. So today it’s all about milk and dairy products, and some other…

6 months ago

Naruto, Rick Sanchez and Superman: Geek Pride Day 2021 icons collection

Avengers assemble and return to Konoha! Geek Pride Day is coming! On May 25, both superheroes and supervillains will unite…

7 months ago

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