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Shadows: what you need to know about them in 2023

Design should not feel sham. It should reflect a real-world experience, with a lot of attention to dimensions. One way…

15 hours ago

The best cybersecurity practices for freelance designers

Freelance designers are exposed to a range of cybersecurity threats on a daily basis. Here’s a list of the best…

5 days ago

The Ultimate Manual for UI Breadcrumbs

You are likely familiar with the phrase "follow the breadcrumbs". However, what exactly does it mean?

1 week ago

Design of tiny icons

Tricky case of creating icons for small interfaces, written by our design team.

2 months ago

Scrutinizing inputs: you ask for your user’s date of birth wrongly

Expert tips on how to build “date of birth” inputs for your forms.

2 months ago

5 Stunning Graphic Design Portfolio Examples and How to Make Your Own

An impressive graphic design portfolio is a must-have for visual artists seeking freelance work or steady employment at a big…

3 months ago

Editing live web pages from a graphic app is no longer a dream

Lunacy users can now make edits to the design of live web pages right from the app. How to save…

4 months ago

The art of talking back: microinteraction as a tool that engages users

Overview of how microinteractions can work for you and why they are trending now. (more…)

5 months ago

8 new Lunacy features to boost your productivity

Lunacy has everything designers use in other similar apps. But routine tasks will take less effort. (more…)

11 months ago

10 practical UI/UX tips to improve your sign-up forms

Check out this list of top 10 mistakes that people make when designing sign-up forms and follow the UI tips…

1 year ago

How to improve your UI design skills in 5 minutes a day

To make cool UI designs, you've got to be well-watched and experienced. But what if you are not? (more…)

1 year ago

How to create a neon effect in Lunacy

Digital designers are widely using the neon effect to engage users and convey the mood. (more…)

1 year ago

How to edit YouTube videos for higher rankings and engagement?

The rise of video content on platforms like YouTube has been huge for content creators.

1 year ago

How to recolor 3D illustrations in Photoshop

3D illustrations look great. They grab users' attention and save a designer's time. But what if you need to change…

1 year ago

How to ensure diversity in your designs

How to ensure diversity and representation in visuals? That’s a challenge for designers, bloggers, social media marketers, and all the…

1 year ago

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