New Tips

8 new Lunacy features to boost your productivity

Lunacy has everything designers use in other similar apps. But routine tasks will take less effort. (more…)

5 months ago

10 practical UI/UX tips to improve your sign-up forms

Check out this list of top 10 mistakes that people make when designing sign-up forms and follow the UI tips…

8 months ago

How to improve your UI design skills in 5 minutes a day

To make cool UI designs, you've got to be well-watched and experienced. But what if you are not? (more…)

8 months ago

How to create a neon effect in Lunacy

Digital designers are widely using the neon effect to engage users and convey the mood. (more…)

10 months ago

How to edit YouTube videos for higher rankings and engagement?

The rise of video content on platforms like YouTube has been huge for content creators. According to research by Visual…

11 months ago

How to recolor 3D illustrations in Photoshop

3D illustrations look great almost everywhere. Ready-made illustrations grab users' attention and save a designer's time. But what if you…

12 months ago

How to ensure diversity in your designs

How to ensure diversity and representation in visual content? That’s quite a serious challenge for designers, bloggers, social media marketers,…

1 year ago

How to create a beautiful Pixel Art environment in Clip Studio Paint

Have you ever wondered how your favorite video games were made? Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis,…

1 year ago

How to export an SVG illustration from After Effects

Quite often, we need to export a single frame from After Effects (AE) and edit it in Illustrator. Illustrator requires…

1 year ago

How To Create A Visual Style: Guide That Streamlines Your Brand

Cohesive visual design of a brand increases its recognition across all channels. Yet, despite its importance, many businesses overlook this…

1 year ago

Lunacy Tutorial: Glassmorphism In UI Design

Glassmorphism gains more and more popularity among the new UI trends in 2021. It catches an eye with vivid colors,…

1 year ago

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