Turn any photo into professional headshot with AI in a click

Ever needed a professional headshot, fast? Meet Human Generator, the game-changer in quick, quality portraits.

What is Human Generator?

Human Generator offers a free tier for fast, high-quality professional headshots. Need a top-notch headshot quickly? Get it in minutes, without spending a dime. This tool combines speed with quality, all at no cost. Perfect for immediate needs, it’s your go-to for quick, professional images.

The best part of Human Generator

The standout feature of Human Generator is its high-quality results at a remarkable speed. You can upload any photo, even a crappy selfie, and generate a professional headshot. Plus, you can create multiple variations to choose the perfect headshot that truly reflects your professional image. Or keep a set of business photos that will look like you paid a big buck to a professional photographer and retoucher to get it.

The worst part of Human Generator

In the free version, you might experience up to 3 minutes of waiting, which is ok for an AI tool like this. The paid plan offers instant access so you can subscribe and skip the queue.


Best for

Human Generator is a perfect tool for everyone who needs professional portraits to make a thumb-stopping first impression:

  • Professionals. A top-notch headshot shows off your personality and builds trust with future clients, colleagues, and bosses.
  • Job Hunters. Companies might peek at your social media, so a pro headshot can help you stand out. It’s also handy for resumes and networking sites.
  • Entrepreneurs. A pro headshot is a killer marketing tool to build your personal brand.
  • Companies & teams. A set of professional headshots to create a stunning team page for your website and make your team look like the rock stars they are!

If you want to make a splash, a professional headshot can be your secret weapon!

Try Human Generator

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Top features

  1. Jaw-dropping realism. Human Generator’s advanced AI algorithms create images so lifelike, that you’ll be hard-pressed to distinguish them from real humans. This realism adds authenticity and professionalism to your headshots.
  2. Maximum diversity. Catering to inclusivity, the tool can generate characters of 117 different ethnicities, ages, and body types. This feature ensures that everyone can create a headshot that truly represents them.
  3. Different poses. Whether you need a headshot with a professional posture or a more casual stance, Human Generator has you covered. This versatility allows for dynamic character visuals, suitable for various professional contexts.
  4. Generate variations. With the ability to create multiple variants of the same character at once, you have the freedom to explore different looks and styles, ensuring the final headshot aligns perfectly with your desired image.
  5. Quick generations. Fast and efficient, Human Generator produces headshots in seconds, perfect for meeting tight deadlines or last-minute needs.

Step-by-step guide to using Human Generator

Upload your photo. Don’t sweat the quality too much. Even a quick selfie works wonders. Just upload a front-facing photo – the AI handles the rest.

Choose your template. Browse through the template gallery. Pick one that aligns with the professional vibe you’re aiming for.

Customization. Now, the fun part. Adjust facial features, hair, clothing, and more to match the look you want. Play around – it’s quite intuitive

Download. Satisfied? Hit download. Your professional headshot is ready, just like that.

Create your own headshot

Business headshot examples

Let’s talk about real results. We’ve got a collection of business headshot examples created with Human Generator. From sharp, corporate looks to relaxed, creative styles, these examples showcase the versatility and quality achievable. Perfect for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, or personal branding. Each example is a testament to how Human Generator meets diverse professional needs with ease.

Is Human Generator free?

Yes, there’s a free version of Human Generator. While incredibly useful, there might be a wait time for each generation, which is still faster than other AI tools. For instant access and no waiting, the paid plan allows you to subscribe and skip the queue, providing a faster, more seamless experience.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to use Human Generator?

Not at all. Human Generator is designed with simplicity in mind. It’s user-friendly, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can easily create professional headshots. The interface is intuitive, guiding you through each step of the process.

Can I print out headshots created with Human Generator?

Yes, you can certainly print out headshots created with Human Generator.

Can I use Human Generator for bulk headshot creation?

Absolutely. Human Generator is not just for individual headshots. It’s highly efficient for creating headshots in bulk, making it a perfect choice for teams or events where multiple high-quality images are needed quickly and consistently.

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