33 Bright Icon Packs in a Variety of Styles and Themes

Every designer knows: there’s no such thing as too many icon packs. Having crossed another milestone for the Icons8 collection – 70 000 icons! – we’d like to share some of the fresh sets with you here. They cover various themes, from fashion and food to football and superheroes. Also, the icons are performed in different styles: color, iOS, 1em and the like. The links will get you to the extended packs by the Icons8 team of graphic designers – just click and check them all. Enjoy!

1em Icons

City icons

Water transport icons

Design process icons

DIY icons

Baby icons

Amusement park icons


Color Icons

Business and finance icons

Football icons

DIY icons

Tools Icons

Sewing icons

Superhero icons

X-Men icons

Butterfly icons

Egyptian culture icons

Animal icons

Color icons mix

Football icons

iOS Icons

New icons

Glyph icons collection

iOS icons mix

Writers icons

Native American icons

Animal icons

DIY icons

Parenting icons

Nutrition and food icons

Fox icons

Insect icons

Banjo icons

Material Icons

Nature icons

Material icons mix

Ice Cream icons

Want to keep up with updates? Check New Icons section – fresh icons are added daily. And if you can’t find the one you need, request it.

And let’s make friends on Dribbble.



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