5 Best Photo Restoration Services: Benefits and Pitfalls

Looking for the best photo restoration services to repair your old photos realistically? Find out which online photo restoration services can help you bring your damaged or old photos back even if they are severely damaged by water, light, or time.

Everyone has some old but valuable photos in the album. To give a new life to your aged pics, you may approach photo restoration services. They use digital restoration tools and create digital copies of the spoiled photos enhancing the quality and repairing them.

As a rule, you will have to pay about $30 for this type of image manipulations. People usually address such services to save old and precious images of relatives, etc. These photo restoration online services may colorize old images, put torn parts of the image together, fix water damaged photos, enlarge pictures, and fix any blemishes or tears. We have prepared the list of 5 top photo restoration services that are worth your money and time.

1. FixThePhoto

Pricing: $25-50 per image

Turnaround: 1-3-day delivery

This platform is not an amateur in the image editing sphere and offers a great number of services for photographers and videographers online. These guys offer freebies for photo editing and video editing.

These guys offer freebies for photo editing (Photoshop bokeh overlays, Lightroom HDR presets, water textures) and video editing (like glitch effect video overlays and cinematic LUTs).

Delivery: We were pleasantly surprised when got the photos faster than we expected. Moreover, the price was also a nice advantage. So, we can claim that addressing this photograph restoration service, you will get amazing results in the shortest time possible.

Repair Services: Depending on your needs and budget, they offer 3 plans ‒ Standard, Premium, and Extreme. If you get a Standard Plan, retouchers will make some minor corrections; for example, remove small scratches and blemishes, restore tiny damaged areas, correct colors, etc. Within the Premium Plan, they will retouch medium scrapes, fix missing parts, and restore each detail.

The Extreme Plan is for those, who need more advanced photo restoration. For instance, you need to improve deeply damaged photos, fix ruined edges, merge shots, or deal with severe color issues. The best part is that FixThePhoto retouching services, Damaged Photo Restoration Package included are currently 40% off!

Final result:

FixThePhoto provided us with an exceptional final product. The retouchers improved the general quality and fixed all the inconsistencies. The fixThePhoto team thoroughly worked on each detail, examined, and enhanced it. They brought out the lost details that were ruined in the original photograph. As a result, we got a qualitative photograph without any drawbacks. The colorization is on the highest level as well. The photo looks as if it was taken with a DSLR camera. The colors are natural and vibrant. FixThePhoto online photo restoration platform sent us a skillfully improved image having restored all torn and missing parts.

Summing Up, FixThePhoto retouchers are real professionals. We are satisfied with the whole process, from the first message to the final product delivery. Now we know that these guys may bring any photo back to life.

2. WeEdit.Photos

Pricing: $25-50 per image

Turnaround: 2-5-day delivery

This online photo restoration is just as good as the previous one. WeEdit.Photos has already been in the market for 17 years delivering various kinds of image editing services. They work with different photo genres and provide a wide range of professional services for photographers, including competent photo restoration.

Delivery: Like FixThePhoto, they promise to cope with the task in 2-5 days and it is really fast. WeEdit.Photos met the claimed deadline and sent us the images on the third day after we’ve placed an order.

Repair Services: This photo restoration online service offers 3 levels of image restoration ‒ from basic to advanced. Once you decide on the suitable variant, place an order, wait several days and you will get amazing results that are worth the money you’ve paid. Moreover, if you are a regular customer, you can enjoy good discounts.

Final result:

WeEdit.Photos will transform your old creased image into a brilliant clear one. They provided really professional results and basically saved our old photo. Personally, we thought that this photograph couldn’t be restored this well since the details in the original photo are so hazy. The most important thing is their attention to detail. Retouchers removed all the blemishes and viewers may focus only on the main subject now. WeEdit.Photos removed the ugly blue tint from a photo and turned it into a beautiful sepia shot.

At first, we doubted that we would get a qualitative final product. However, we were mistaken ‒ the retouchers are really professionals and excellently coped with their tasks. What is more, the restoration was so good that it was impossible to see where the damage had been.

Summing up, it’s a highly professional approach. Qualitative photo restoration online. Helpful and fast. The services provided are definitely worth spending money on.

3. DamagedPhotoRestoration

Pricing: $25-50 per image

Turnaround: 2-day delivery

DamagedPhotoRestoration works solely in the sphere of photo restoration services. They have been giving new life to images for over 10 years. These guys gained the trust of numerous clients and show their professionalism each time you approach them.

Delivery: In general, the turnaround depends on the changes that need to be made. As a rule, you get the first restored images in 2 business days. Moreover, if you are in a hurry, you may specify a deadline when you order services.

Repair Services: This photograph restoration service provides 3 levels of photo editing. You may view before/after examples within each level and choose the one most suitable for you.

Final result:

Frankly speaking, the final results have exceeded our expectations. We got amazing images for the best price. We were impressed ‒ even the smallest issues were fixed! You can’t even tell that the original photo was severely scratched. These guys really know what they are doing. The image was professionally color corrected. The retouchers from this photo restoration online platform managed to bring out the colors, make them vibrant and saturated.

Professionals from DamagedPhotoRestoration neatly put together a torn photo. Frankly speaking, we considered the image to be hopeless, due to tears and water damage. The final result looks very realistic.

Summing Up: Having tested this picture restoration online service, now we can confidently recommend it. Professional team and fast results!

4. ScanCafe

Pricing: $0.99-49.99 per image

Turnaround: 8-10 business days

ScanCafe is a photo digitizing company providing various services like scanning negatives, slides, photographs, video footage, and photo restoration. Since it is their specialization, we expected better results. These photo restoration services appeared to be quite average.

Delivery: The delivery time is also disappointing. We got the results in 10 days (3 times longer than the above-mentioned competitors offer).

Services: ScanCafe provides 3 levels of photo editing ‒ basic, medium, and advanced. It is very convenient since you may choose depending on your needs and budget. Surprisingly but the first level is very cheap. However, if you look close, you will see that it involves only color correction and tiny drawbacks fixing.

Final result:

We weren’t satisfied with the final photos. It’s not like they are awful but they are of average quality and it is not typical of a company specializing in this type of image editing. Anyway, we wouldn’t frame this photo and hang it on the wall. They removed only some drawbacks and didn’t touch the rest. We hoped that retouchers would make the images ideal working on it for 10 days.

Color correction is not bad but can’t be compared to the color correction of the services above. Besides, they forgot to remove major flaws, like tears and weird spots. A photo was put together rather incompetently. It is easy to see where it was torn.

Summing Up: Although the results are not the worst ones, it’s better not to approach this company and spend your money on qualitative photo restoration services.

5. ImageCleanup

Pricing: $25 per image

Turnaround: up to 2 weeks

Delivery: When we tried to find some info on their turnaround we failed and now know why. They delivered the results only 2 weeks after we placed an order. Frankly speaking, we were disappointed with the quality when got the images back. What were they doing all this time? In comparison with the competitors, it’s really too long.

Services: Their website doesn’t explain what photo restoration services the price includes and what types of photo restoration they offer. On the site, you may see only some successful examples of their works.

Final result:

Although Image Cleanup describes itself as a platform for professional shooters and E-commerce stores, the quality of their services is not the best one. The images we got back confirmed our fears. We haven’t noticed any corrections and improvements; the image looked exactly as the original. When we tried to contact them and remedy the situation, they didn’t cooperate.

Their retouchers are completely incompetent in this type of service. They failed to hide problem areas that catch the eye and spoil the frame. Color correction is also poor. They made the image even worse by giving it a magenta tint. We’re under the impression that their retouchers are really lazy and edit photos half-heartedly. They combined the torn parts but failed to remove any other flaws: scratches, dirt, etc.

Summing Up: We don’t recommend approaching this company. You will only waste your time and money. Image Cleanup is not an honest platform and they don’t provide the photo restoration services they promise.

About the author: Eva Williams is a New York photographer and software journalist for



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