Lunacy’s latest release comes with new features designed to speed up your workflow and a bunch of improvements. Try it out yourself and see the difference!

Import from Figma

First, we released an import feature in Beta and tested it with the users who wanted to move from Figma to Lunacy. Together, we improved Figma import and fixed some major and minor issues with importing components, auto layouts, and nested frames.

Switching from Figma to Lunacy has never been easier. No need to copy layers as SVGs or manually redo your designs. Simply copy your Figma file link, paste it into Lunacy, and continue where you left off.

Import from Figma in Lunacy

Import in 3 clicks or less

Check out this article for the full list of improvements.

Auto layouts

One of our most awaited features. If you’re versed in Figma auto layouts, jump right in. To learn more about the feature, check out this section in our documentation.

With auto layout, you’ll need to set the spacing between elements and determine their behavior relative to each other just once. Then, when you edit your design, it will adapt to your settings. From simple buttons with varying texts to complex webpage layouts that rearrange themselves as you edit individual blocks, auto layout designs adjust to the content as you change it:

Bring your design workflow to the next level

Auto Z-index

Lunacy automatically determines the order of layers, aka the Z-index, as you drag them one on top of the other. The Send to back/Send to front commands didn’t go anywhere, but the need for them (and extra key presses) just might 😉

In Figma, you organize layers manually
Lunacy places the larger layer below the smaller one

Text generation at your fingertips

The final goodbye to wasting time copying placeholder texts into your designs. In previous versions, we had text generation options to choose from in the right panel. But there were still precious few seconds you had to waste to set it up.

Now, simply add a text layer to your design to get a dropdown menu with over a dozen different placeholder text types. One click and zero distractions:

New text generation in Lunacy

No need for “lorem ipsum” anymore

Auto shape colors

Drawing gray rectangles over gray rectangles is weird, right? It’s also inconvenient: the shapes blend with each other, and you have to spend time recoloring each one.

Lunacy makes things simple. Shapes are automatically colored using a pre-generated document color palette depending on their size and current background. This way, you can easily tell them apart and then change the color palette in the right panel or recolor the shapes to your liking:

Auto shape colors in Lunacy

Create mockups at lightning speed and recolor them with one click

Professional team plan

We introduced a free team plan for Lunacy a while back. If you feel tight within its limits, meet the Professional team plan. It gives you full freedom and flexibility for collaboration on design projects:

  • Unlimited team documents
  • Unlimited version history
  • Unlimited trash storage period
  • Free personal cloud license for the team owner
Team subscription in Lunacy

Next-level features for those who outgrew the limits

Read in detail about Lunacy teams and collaboration options here.

And there’s more

Other perks of the new release:

  • Snapping frames to presets
  • Adjustable UI scale
  • Czech and Vietnamese localizations

See the Release notes for more details about the release, or dive right in:

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