Anti-Trump Icon Becomes More Popular Than the Trump One

We’ve made two icons just in time for election day: an icon depicting Donald Trump and a crossed-out Donald Trump.


Both icons are free to download in any format for the week following the election.

As the time of writing, the anti-Trump icon generates three times more downloads than the Trump one.

It reflects not only public opinion, but the purpose of the icons.

Icons that symbolize actions are more popular than those that illustrate entities. For example, the most popular icons on Icons8 are Delete and Search. Therefore, we believe people are downloading the anti-Trump icon as a call for action rather than a passive political statement. If we drew Trump building an impenetrable wall with Mexico, it would probably gain even more popularity.

Nevertheless, our community are creative professionals. Their download preferences represent the voting patterns of Silicon Valley, New York, and Austin.

Of course, we can’t be sure what the exact purpose of downloading these icons is and how people are planning to use them. It might be for a t-shirt, a mug, or even a font. We’ve also published the icons on our twitter to see which one people will like more.


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