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AI adjusts faces, age, emotions, and gender in stock photos

We made the first and only generative photo stock that lets you adjust models in the images on the go. Sounds like magic? In fact, it’s machine learning.

All photo stocks are the same. The photos are nice and beautiful, but there’s always something that makes them 90% rather than 100% fit.

As a result, you spend hours browsing through thousands of photos, trying to find the one that suits you best. Typically, it looks like this: “This one seems good, but the girl in the photo is too happy. Is there another one where she’s not smiling? This photo is almost perfect, but the guy is too old”. And so on. Sounds familiar?

We know. We’ve been there too. That’s why we made the new Moose, the first AI-powered photo stock where you can decide what the people in the photos look like for 100% fit.

Face changing options in Moose

You can change emotions:

Experimenting with emotions. Original photo, frightened, surprised

Make people older or younger:

Changing age. Original photo, older, younger

Reface them:

Face swap in Moose. Original photo, face-swapped result

And even play around with their gender:

Playing with gender. Original, result

Playing with gender. Original, result

Playing with gender. Original, result

Or remove and recolor the background, if necessary:

Background removal and recoloring in Moose


Some results might look weird like the face on the knuckles. To learn how to use Moose for the best results, check out the tips below.

Faces on knuckles

What photos work best

AI is a very powerful thing, but not almighty. You’d better start developing skills for interacting with AIs, and learn how to approach them to get what you want. Soon, that will be a prerequisite for getting a job.

Here are some basic rules and hints that will help you get the maximum of the Moose’s AI features:

  • Choose photos with people front facing the camera, slight head turns are also okay.

Avoid excessive head turns

Otherwise, the result may be something like this:

Experimenting with a turned face

  • Avoid photos with faces occluded by hair, hands, masks, glasses, headgear, etc.

Examples of occluded faces

  • AI can add some color to black-and-white photos. You can easily fix it by in any graphic app.

Black-and-white photo handled by Moose AI

  • Turned faces can have slight eyebrow “gaps” after face swap. The same effect can appear in photos with hair close to the face. You can fix the gap with the clone stamp tool in Photoshop or another similar app, or try another donor face.

Eyebrow “gap” after face swap

  • As an alternative to the age changer, you can try swapping the original face with a younger or older person.

Original, after the age changer, after face swap with an elderly woman

What’s next

Soon, we’re going to add other awesome things. You’ll be able to change ethnicity, hair, body type, and more. Conventional photo stocks are so yesterday. It’s time to shake this up!

Sneak peek at upcoming features


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