An impressive graphic design portfolio is a must-have for visual artists seeking freelance work or steady employment at a big company.

Your portfolio serves several important purposes, from helping potential clients or employers get a feel for your style to giving viewers your contact information so they can quickly get in touch.

If you don’t have a definitive portfolio yet, or have one but aren’t getting the results you think you deserve, I’m here to help you change that.

How to make a graphic design portfolio

I’ll go into more detail later on, but here are some key factors to keep in mind when making a graphic design portfolio.

Now that you know what to look for let’s look at the portfolios of some of the most famous graphic designers working today. Keep an eye out for how these artists put our tips into practice!

Graphic design portfolio examples

With years of experience and hundreds of projects under their belts, these graphic designers have proven that they have what it takes to secure contracts and make the art they want. See what you can learn from these graphic design portfolio examples!

Jane Song

Minimlistic design portfolio, courtesy of Jane Song

Format: single-page animated portfolio website.
Aesthetics: playful, minimalist, hand-drawn.
Skills displayed: animation, motion graphics, illustration.

Considering her current position as design director at Wistia, it’s safe to say Jane Song knows what she’s doing. With simple hand-drawn designs and delightfully animated graphics, this portfolio briefly tells you everything you need to know about the artist.

You can learn from Jane’s portfolio the importance of knowing when to keep things simple. Jane’s work is minimalistic, straightforward, and effective. Her portfolio is too!

Danny Jones

danny jones portfolio
A surreal graphic design portfolio, courtesy of Danny Jones

Format: multi-page website with individual project pages.
Aesthetics: sleek, modern, surreal.
Skills displayed: 3D modeling, photo manipulation, concept ideation.

With an otherworldly quality that is eerie, enticing, and beautiful all at once, the superb work of Danny Jones is fittingly displayed on a sleek and practical portfolio website.

Danny’s portfolio is an excellent showcase of his versatility. With design pieces that range from personal passion projects to work done for industry-leading SaaS giants, this portfolio makes it clear that Danny can handle any task you throw at him.

Sonja Van Dulmen

A sultry design portfolio, courtesy of Sonja Van Dulmen

Format: scrolling digital gallery website.
Aesthetics: bold, vintage, sultry.
Skills displayed: art direction, visual design, brand design.

A famous graphic designer in her own right, Sonja Van Dulmen and her design studio went with a striking single-page design that oozes style.

While I could sing the praises of this dazzlingly beautiful portfolio all day long, the key takeaway here is the portfolio title page. Elegant, straightforward, and timeless; this is how you make a first impression.

Ryan Haskin

An over-the-top, fun design portfolio, courtesy of Ryan Haskins

Format: scrolling single-page website.
Aesthetics: pop art, hobo chic, bizarre.
Skills displayed: photo manipulation, product illustration, creative writing.

There aren’t many entities that can rival the sheer off-the-wall energy of Ryan Haskin, but his portfolio website comes pretty close. Right off the bat, it queues you on everything you need to know about one of the world’s most eccentric and famous graphic designers.

Ryan’s personality doesn’t just show through in his portfolio; it is his portfolio. If you ever have second thoughts about whether or not you should include projects that are a bit more off the wall, take a look at this portfolio!

Linda Baritski

linda baritski portfolio
Pop art graphic design portfolio, courtesy of Linda Baritski

Format: single-page website with individual project pages.
Aesthetics: charming, line drawn, cartoonish.
Skills displayed: illustration, animation, product branding.

While it might not be as in-your-face as the previous entry on our list of graphic design portfolio examples, the subdued but distinctively charming qualities of Linda Baritski and her work are immediately recognizable when viewing her portfolio.

Linda’s portfolio is a veritable masterclass in the school of less is more. With a small but undeniably tasteful collection of projects, it shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds to be sold on her skills as a visual artist and graphic designer.

How to make a graphic design portfolio

Now that you have a workable idea of what a graphic design portfolio looks like, it’s time to talk turkey. How can you make a portfolio of your own?

The most important thing to remember is that your portfolio is simply a medium for you to display your work. Don’t make the fit and finish of your portfolio format your focus; instead, prioritize selecting the suitable projects to demonstrate your skills.

Here are other tips from professional graphic designers to help you get started.

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