3D Hands: Get Diversity of Gestures in Stylish 3D Graphics

Want to add fun, emotion, and trendy looks to your design? Grab the brand-new collection of 3D hands by the Icons8 team.

We’ve just released a big pack of 3D hand gestures in two different styles, various skin tones, and all the popular formats. Join the discussion on Product Hunt where we’ve just shared them up.
These handy hands are ready to easily add fun and lovely looks to your designs. Ideal for tasks like UI hinting or try using them for hero graphics.

  • Diverse skin tones
  • Two different styles – fun or classy
  • Ultra high-res
  • Reconfigurable

Adorable, puffy hands are really fun design trend right now. They are a great way to add some whimsy to onboarding flows or pop-ups while still looking professional. Enjoy two packs of incredibly high-quality 3D illustrations our designers crafted, 16 gestures (8 of each style) are available free for a link!

Customize as you like

We also have included the source files (Cinema 4D / 3ds Max) so you can combine hands to make scenes, edit cuffs, and get creative! Don’t know anything about 3D tools? No problem, we added mask files so you can easily recolor hands in Photoshop.

More About Features

This collection features:

  • 450+ combinations (over 30 unique gestures in each style)
  • Diverse skin tones
  • Pick from 2 unique styles, Fun-and-Wild or Classy
  • Awesome props (phone, smartwatch, hippie bracelet, rock spiked cuffs, manicure)
  • Wide-cuff models for entertaining works
  • Classy button-cuff models for professional applications
  • 3K resolution (3000×3000) – will look great everywhere, even on 4K screens!
  • Source files: PNG, OBJ/FBX, masks

Check the sample pack free to use for attribution or buy them all together for personal or commercial use.

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